View Full Version : Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Ryu FADC Ultra 1 Script (Xbox 360)

23rd December 15, 01:22
Can anyone provide this script for me? It's pretty difficult to FADC with my controller config

X - Light Punch
LB - Medium Punch
Y - Fierce Punch

A - Light Kick
RB - Medium Kick
B - Roundhouse Kick

LT - Focus Attack
RT - 3xPunch

Basically I use the old SNES style mapping

24th December 15, 00:28
Just put the inputs in and change the timings if you cannot do it by hand.

24th December 15, 00:48
What exactly does that mean? Sorry I'm new to modding and scripts. I'd like to map the sequence to a button since I can't perform it normally