View Full Version : what is the word for pressing the touchpad on PS4

6th January 16, 09:26
I mean if PS4_CROSS is pressing x then what is the word for touchpad?

6th January 16, 09:55
You can go programmer and click play on a script there you can see all buttons. On XB1 its XB1_LEFT RIGHT etc maybe its the same on PS4, but if the fastest way is to check it on the programmer itself.

6th January 16, 10:00

6th January 16, 10:37
in the visual scripting addon i dont see PS4_TOUCH

6th January 16, 13:05
in the visual scripting addon i dont see PS4_TOUCH

In visual you set "PS4" as the block, then in the dropdown list you see "TOUCH" this is the Click action

7th January 16, 09:13
Thank you I now see it, the thing was and still that when I click the block and the drop down menu appears the list is bigger than my display so I cant see touch as its at the bottom and off my screen, so instead i go up and guess where touch is, Im problay doing something wrong as the list wont show fully even if the program is in full screen

7th January 16, 09:28
What resolution do you have on your computer?

7th January 16, 12:51
1366 768, its a small laptop and is on recommended settings

17th February 16, 23:29
The bird is the word.