View Full Version : What is More useful in sf5?

21st February 16, 21:13
I want to know what is more useful in this game I am not a big SF player to begin with and honestly I have more trouble trying to make things link in this game then i have ever had in MKX ... so my question is what is more useful to script combos that go into different things or to just script specials to both sticks IE dragon punch Haduken etc combos are great and are cool but missing a combo in this game is way more dangerous than mkx could ever be so opinions are greatly appreciated do I make player specials or do i just keep trying to improve on the combs for the players? Thoughts?..

21st February 16, 23:38
in my opinion the combos are more fun an valuable to the character, I would love to see more devastating combos in the future
Mkx combos are the best, but from what i see you can make sf5 more fun to play with your scripts

22nd February 16, 09:59
I think after a while of practice Falconpunch you will be able to make these combos easily an more epic. This game has a lot of potential from the videos i've seen