View Full Version : DOA5 Last Round (XBOX1) Hayate Scripts

29th March 16, 19:01
Hey hey everyone, I made my first ever script (which I am wildly happy about as I am new to this with no programming background)


This script maps a Critical Birst Move to the right bumper and Hayates Nakiryu grab to the right stick, both useless buttoms on the game (You will need to unset a command in the controller options for right bumper in game but the buttons useless anyhow)

I want to work on Hayates Rajin grab but my hands simply done move fast enough to preform the grab successfully, if anyone could help me that would be great but considering how unpopular this game is I doubt that anyone will.

1st April 16, 21:24
I´m downloading the game on Xbox One, i will try it tomorrow, thanks for sharing pal.