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9th May 16, 07:36
Hello guys! It would be great if you could hekp me to solve the problem i've got.
I know that this thread is for russians (cuz i'm russian too), but i thought it would save time if i describe everything in english.

So about my hard-, software and the issue:

1. Cronusmax Plus (FW v1.20)
2. Win 10 (licenced)
3. Keyboard: Razer anansi (working fine), mouse: steel series kana v2 (circle test doesn't work)
4. Everything is plugged and working, but when I'm trying to find deadzones (enabling circle test) it doesn't work. I set radius - 1, speed - 50 (as it said in tutorial), but character doesn't react and stand still. I've tried to change Deadzone (X and Y) in X-Aim plugging -> mouse settings.
What it could be?
5. No scripts are istalled.
6. Destiny The Taken King.

What it could be?
Thanks in advance.

9th May 16, 09:35
Open Device Monitor before you open the mouse settings window, press RX and RY and you should see the graph starting to draw those, now change the settings for circle test, does it output anything?

If it's changing the way you expect (the scale changing when you change the deadzone)

9th May 16, 21:36
Was this meant to be posted in the Russian Support forums ?