View Full Version : Request 8 combo template

27th May 16, 21:01
hi i need a template for 8 combos 4 combos on the left stick Up down left right and 4 combos on the right stick up down left right and for LS click Fatalities and RS Right click for Brutalities for xbox one1 and ps4 to work i also want 1 button spammer in the script so all the combo in the template and 1 button spammer for left right

29th May 16, 08:38
nothing help :) easy forum

29th May 16, 13:04
Take a combo script with 8 combos in it Ex. any combo script that Me, Python, Solo, Slammer has made... Go to the sections that say

Delete the stuff in-between combo1, and EOC, for each combo... and BAM you have a combo template for 8 combos... Now have to make your own combos in the sections the forums are literally slammed packed with templates you just have to clear it out. and make your own combos