View Full Version : Jaqui Briggs High Tech

eammon doyle
20th September 16, 06:00
Guys can any of you make Jaqui's square triangle square fireball cancell into square triangle square jail? By jailing, I mean the opponent can't armour out of it. I can't get it to jail, any help would be greatly appreciated!

eammon doyle
25th September 16, 19:18
anyone?? lol

26th September 16, 17:50
I have the actions down but I have to see about making adjustments to the timing of the cancel because as of now the opponent can d1 in-between cancels, I do know (unless they changed it) that you could do the string into the actual plasma shot and it was "jailing" I think.. I wish I still had time to really work on the scripts like I could before but I work so early I can hardly stay awake when i get home

eammon doyle
26th September 16, 19:31
Yea same problem im having. The opponent should not be able to armour out either its a true blockstring. It's the hardest cancel to jail that ive found