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2nd May 17, 11:32
O.K. Here it is.. I tried to make a simple Tut on how to make a Gpc script incase anyone wants to try it.. It is not perfect I will be making another one.. In advance im sorry about the music being a bit loud from the game I have never tried to put voice in my videos this is nothing fancy just shows you how to go in and creat a fireball and a simple 4 hit combo. for this I was using Street fighter because it was the easiest thing to record at the time did not have the el gato connected to the ps4 so sorry mkx ppl but either way this should show you how to get started.. also I did not edit out the issues I had with times because I want you guys to know that you WILL have to adjust times on the fly and its rare to get it perfect on the first try so if something is not coming out then you need to recheck the times TIMES ARE EVERYTHING! but yea and I will also pop up some finished items just so you can see what you can do once yu take the time to really get into it! hope this helps a little guys.And yes unfortunately this was recorded after all my babies where home from school so you might here a funny outburst in this somewhere just a heads up haha... future ones will be done while they are at school. just tryed to go aback and watch it dont know why but it seems to be not in sync as far as voice and video for me any way.. I will leave this up for now so you can at least see what the inputs are and im going to make a better video in a second sorry guys im trying lol learning to make videos on the fly smh


10th May 17, 22:52
When making option select combos with L1 and L2 press, do you put the full combo or only the part of the combo you want changed?

11th May 17, 07:03
wouldnt it be easier to just use the max combo program to record the combo

16th May 17, 15:57
What up falcon you gonna do some combos for injustice 2 i havent done any high damage combos yet just getting use to the game

18th May 17, 22:57
do u by any chance know how to use max combo program

24th May 17, 10:49
This video is excellent, gonna start scripting now i understand it. Are you able to make a template or direct me to one similar to the one you used in the video?