View Full Version : XBOX 360 Street Fighter 4 HARD Trials

20th August 17, 12:10
Hello all,

I just put together most of the SF4 hard trials, a lot of them are sorting them into the correct sections from SSF4 trials and edits to frame data, only added a couple of my own so I can not take credit for the creation of these scripts.

*Things to note*
-There are no trials for Ryu, Akuma, and Zangief as their Hard trials are pretty easy
-If there is a trial missing from a character it is either A) there is no SSF4 trial that matches it or B) the trial is pretty easy and doesn't require a script
-All credit goes to JayD101 for creating all the SSF4 scripts

You can find the zip below, hopefully this helps some people finish this game.