View Full Version : Injustice Combos For All Characters

12th October 17, 03:53
I have 8 combos for all characters in injustice 2 i just help putting them in script as i dont have the time to do it myself cause of school and my daughters and work so let me know if u guys want any character combos thank you

12th October 17, 08:19
Hey, if you drop the combos here or put them all together and send a link I'll convert them into the usual fighting game script style, just let me know how you want each to be triggered, or I'll just guess.

12th October 17, 17:39
Leel what character would you like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ill send 5 at a time and thank you

12th October 17, 18:00
You can send them in any order, I'd like to eventually have one big post for all the characters, cleanly organised. You could look at character selected and start at sub zero and go across

Actually to start off, I need to finish up on back manta and raiden, suppose you could show those first and then start at sub zero