View Full Version : Who hyped For Mortal Kombat 11

3rd January 18, 04:53
What characters would you guys like to see in Mortal Kombat 11? Mine is
1. Nitara
2. Frost
3. Shang Tsung
4. Jade
5. Mileena
6. Noob
7. Fujin
8. Horror pack with Pinhead, Spawn, Freddy, Micheal Myers
9. Kabal
10. Stryker
11. New Ninjas
12. New Characters with the main basic characters we all love

10th January 18, 10:45
I just want Ash Williams out of the next horror pack...

Cocaine Dust75
3rd March 18, 02:11
I wanna see more Chaosrealm kharacters like Havik.
the Chaosrealm goes hard.
Most kharacters wont last in the Chaosrealm