View Full Version : Street Fighter IV combo scripts/gamepaqs

25th March 18, 20:10
First I'm a brand new newbie. I'm looking to start with Ken from Street Fighter IV; his combos, putting an entire sequence at the left or right push of a thumb stick. I did a bunch of reading and ran across pictures of the street fighter combos. Seen several scripts made for the PS4 and they said the xbox one is the exact same. But I need to know how to make it to where the combo is set up for my razer wildcat controller and that can be used when my character is on either side of my opponent. I have not seen much of that mentioned. Is it a simple matter of copy and paste if I see a script I would like to try from these forums? And if that is the way of getting the script do I use the Cronus Pro software or the Script manipulator? I will continue to read but sometimes too much information is the same as too little. As everyone has their own way of describing what they think one wants. Thank you for any leads to scripts or actual videos to these combo setups.