View Full Version : PS4 record combo?

19th May 18, 07:36
Is there a way to record a combo while i'm actually playing the game? It would help a lot with timing and positioning. For some juggles and such you need to move into position or wait for the right time it input the next attack which I can't do from memory.

19th May 18, 11:07
Yes, there is a plugin already installed on the application CronusPro v1.20, called MaxCombo.

you must have your cronusmax connected to the pc via PCPROG port and the controller conected to the desired console, then launch the application and select the plugin (you can use ALT+F1), from there there are the option to start recording and stop, when you stop the plugin gives you the recorded combo.

There was a quick guide but i cant find it, search the forums.