View Full Version : Dragonball FighterZ Arcade Script

30th June 18, 02:10
Hey, I saw a script for CronusMax few weeks ago, which farms Zeni in the Arcade mode.
But I cant find it anymore. Maybe someone here has it?

1st July 18, 17:42
Its on page 3 of the DBFZ combos thread

main {if( get_val(PS4_RY) > -80 ) combo_run (AutoZeni );

combo AutoZeni {
set_val(PS4_CROSS,100); //
wait(40); //
wait(100); //

1. go into your controls in-game and change light attack to cross/A
2. go to the arcade mode and select the basic snake way course. You can choose any fighters.
3. Load the memory slot you put the script into. It will spam light attack which usually wins the arcade mode with an S ranking. It will then select the course again and redo it over and over for about 42-49 thousand zeni per hour.