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23rd September 18, 17:58
i use builder pro i want it to have all the shooting mechanics,
double pump (but ill be using pump handcannon)
ghost peeking,
no building mods,
insta swap if possible and wont conflict with the double pump,
100% accuracy single shot,
toggles for drop shot down button
toggle for aim abuse up button
toggle for double pump left button
would something like this be possible
further if u have any suggestions please lmk im willing to pay well if its done asap

29th September 18, 18:18
I would love to have a script like this to play around with as well while he asked for it. I'd love it to have peak shot like in waltz personal script. And be able to toggle pump SMG, dropshot, aim abuse and to manually try out some different values of ( zoom in / zoom out / shake ). Aim assist enabled with ads% and the aim abuse enabled with Ads + fire. Wish I knew a bit more about creating these scripts and have more time from work and stuff at home to be able to find out how all this works.. anyway I'd really appreciate it if anyone who is bored enough and kind enough to create me something like what I asked.. if it's too much then it's all good too, I really have no idea how much time it takes to put a script together, sorry.

Quick edit:: I am on PS4 , using builder pro and x and y sens on 6. Currently using 1.0 ads with waltz 2.6 pack, but without cronus max I play with .45 myself.

5th October 18, 22:29
bump still interested toggle aim abuse for snipers i have sensitive triggers