View Full Version : Willing to pay through Venmo or any type of gift cards for indepth injustice 2 Script

25th February 19, 02:29
<deleted - account suspended for 7 days as offering money for scripts is against the forums rules!>

25th February 19, 03:44
Please do not offer money for scripts Sir, it's against the forum rules. We don't pay for scripts here - this is a 100% FREE Script Zone. This is the Cronus community, ask for help and someone will help you.

There are MANY scripts for this game posted on the forums - did you search?

25th February 19, 04:02
You are not allowed to promote purchasing scripts here but if you would like to donate to someone you would have to do that off-site as they don't want to promote payments here where anything could happen, no one wants to be involved if something were to happen.

25th February 19, 15:45
FalconPuncher323 posted a bunch of injustice 2 scripts

if you have trouble downloading use google chrome should work.

26th February 19, 03:40
Is there any latest series to play freely on the PC?
I used to play my games on the PC.

27th February 19, 21:25
Thank you ALL SO MUCH for the replies and Admins i promise you will never see this "paying someone thing" from me ever again. All love<3!

4th March 19, 01:24
Well thank you for your reply.:rolleyes: