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Topic: New customer. Questions about functionality

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    New customer. Questions about functionality

    I have not received my CM just yet, but am very excited for it. I have purchased several different adapters with the intention of using my 360 (wired) controller on the PS3. I have had one issue that has persisted among all the different adapters, with a few games ... Most noticeably (and the one I have the biggest problem with) is Metal Gear Solid 4, but I have noticed it on other games. The issue is with the diagonal inputs not being detected properly or not to the extent that I am pushing the joystick. When I try to move the 360 controller's joystick into the diagonal sections, it will take my character from a sprint to a slow walk as if I had eased up on the joystick, like, wasn't holding against the rim. Rotating the joystick would lead to the character running, walking, running, walking, etc as opposed to a constant running in circles.. This has been pretty obnoxious, since delicate use of the joystick is required. I'm wondering, does anyone have that issue with the CM? Or possibly have access to the things mentioned (CM, PS3, 360 controller, copy of the game) to try it out? That is a stretch .... buuuuuuut ....

    Also, is there XBone controller support for the PS4? If I am able to get that working, it will be a huge deciding factor into whether or not I will be getting the ONE or the PS4.

    Using the CM, what can I use the Xbone controller with? Does the controller/triggers retain their vibration functionality?

    What about 360 controller on the PS4?

    Answered my own question about ps4 in the forums. Doesn't looks like that will work .... no PS4 functionality at this time, it seems?

    Thank you for the help.

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    Re: New customer. Questions about functionality

    I'll answer your PS4 questions first - There is no PS4 support as per the information on the features list:

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