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Topic: Guide: How to use scripts from the forums

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    So, one of our many helpful members of the community has answered your request and written a script for you.

    You know what it does and how to activate these exciting combo's. You cannot wait to try it out but wait, there is one problem. How on earth do I put this nicely coloured text onto this magic USB stick that I bought!?!?!

    Not to worry, we are here to help. This guide will show you step by step on how to take that script, test it and load it onto your CronusMax device.

    So, here's the scenario, you have asked in the forums for someone to make you a script. In this example, Joe Bloggs has asked someone to make him a script to turbo his right trigger button on his Xbox 360 when he presses it. One of the many generous members of the community has answered his request and posts this in the forums;

    Mr Bloggs is very grateful but is thinking 'What do I do with this, it isn't on my CM so how do I make it work!'

    The first them we need to do is copy all that information into our clipboard on the PC. So we click in the top left hand corner of the text box and while holding down the left mouse button, we drag our mouse down until all of the text is highlighted and release the mouse button

    We can now either press Left Control (Ctrl) + C or right click on part of the text that is selected and click Copy.

    Now that we have the information in our clipboard, we load Cronus Pro and click the Compiler tab at the bottom, as seen in the picture below;

    Now you can either press Left Ctrl+N or goto File > New and select Empty File. This will create a blank page for you.

    Now either press Left Ctrl+V or right click anywhere in the blank page and your clipboard contents will be pasted into this new page which in this case, is your script.

    Now we need to test the script to make sure if everything is ok. You will need your CronusMax plugged into your PC via the PC Prog port and you will also need a controller plugged into the CM. If you wish you can also have your CM plugged into your Console with the intended game for the script loaded.

    Now that everything is connected we 'build and run' the script to test it, so either press F5 on your keyboard or Click this icon on the Cronus Pro tool bar: Attachment 559

    Provided there are no errors in the script, the device monitor will appear and your CM LCD screen will look like this: (If the CM isn't connected to a console, it will have a dot in the top left hand corner as well)

    You should see a screen similar to this;

    Attachment 560

    In the left hand box in device monitor you can see the inputs being received by the CM from your controller. If you move one of your analogue sticks around or press a button, you will see values change within this box.

    You may also notice that the values are changing in the right hand box also. The right hand box is showing you what the CM is outputting to your console and comparing the left and right hand box values, you can quickly see what the CM is doing with your inputs.

    So if you have the above script loaded in and press and hold the Right Trigger you will notice the Right Trigger value change to +100 in the left hand box but will be flashing and quickly changing from +100 to 0 in the right hand box.

    What device manager is telling you is that although you are holding down the right trigger, the CM is sending a signal to your console that the right trigger is being pressed and released quite quickly. This could make you shoot quicker in an First Person Shooter for example.

    When you are in build and run mode, the script is active and live data is being send to your console. So if you have the CM connected to your console and the intended game loaded, you can test it now. You can go into the game and test that killer combo, see if the anti recoil works or whatever its intended purpose is.

    Now that you have tested your script and have a smile on your face thinking, 'This is awesome' or 'This is the Muts Nuts' (if you're British). You are also thinking, I don't want to have to load my PC every time I want to use this, that's a pain in know what. That's not a problem, now we load it onto our CM.

    Close device monitor by clicking the large X in the corner. Now either press Left Ctrl+S or go to File and select save. Save the file to a directory of your choice and give it a name. In this case I name this one Turbofire;

    Attachment 561

    Now that it is saved, we program the script on to our CM. Click the Programmer tab, which is located to the right of the Compiler tab we selected earlier and you should see a screen like this which will have your script in the top left box as highlighted in orange in the picture;

    Attachment 562

    Now, left click and hold the mouse button on your script name and drag it over to one of the blank numbered white boxes on the right hand side. In this case I chose slot 1. Once your script is in that box, you can click Program Device Slots in the bottom right hand corner then click OK on the windows that pops up. Here are a few pictures of the process;

    When programming is complete, click finish. And that is it, you have loaded that script onto the CM and you can use it without your PC. You can take your CM round your friends house to make them jealous if you wish and show what it can do as the script is now in your CM until you decided to replace or delete it. You can unplug your CM and it the script will still be there the next day and the day after that and well, you get the idea.

    To select that script next time you play is just a press of a button. When you first connect your CM and Controller to your console and you have performed and necessary authorization steps, your CM will display 0 (Zero). This means that no slots are selected. Now by pressing the button just below the 0 (within the orange box in the picture below), you can cycle through any populated slots on your CM. In the example we loaded the script turbofire to slot one, so we press this button until 1 is displayed on our CM;

    Are there is it, while 1 is displayed on our CM, the loaded script is running and the CM will do whatever it was told to in the script.

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    Re: Guide: How to use scripts from the forums.

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Guide: How to use scripts from the forums

    Now how do you activate the mod once its on the usb

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    Re: Guide: How to use scripts from the forums

    Quote Originally Posted by ryanbooton View Post
    Now how do you activate the mod once its on the usb

    First - you must sure that you are running the slot where you put this script. If you put it in slot 1 - press device button until you see on display this number.
    Inside the script - normally in script has descriptions how to activate - On -Off some mods.

    Read the green text inside the script.

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    Re: Guide: How to use scripts from the forums

    thanks for the help

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    Re: Guide: How to use scripts from the forums

    Thanks for this walk through, really helped me out

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    Re: Guide: How to use scripts from the forums

    Thank you for this wonderful breakdown.. it really helped.. but I would like to ask how to use one scripts on more than one slots... like recently I’ve been seeing scripts that require three slots to work... my problem has always been how to divide the script into 3 *♂️

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