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Topic: Mouse Acceleration Fix <---IMPORTANT!

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    Information on what mouse acceleration is and how to remove it. Important if you play games like shooters. You only need to apply this if you have problems with your mouse - remember if it ain't broke - don't fix it

    Acceleration is something that a lot of gamers aren't even aware of and they need to be because it can result in inconsistent behaviour with their mouse. Put simply, acceleration increases the speed of your mouse cursor based on the speed you move your mouse. This might sound like a good idea but it causes problems - if you move your mouse from point A to point B then you'd expect your cursor to do the same thing each time you move the mouse between those two points; with acceleration enabled it won't because you'll vary the speed that you move the mouse between those two points and end up with inconsistent aiming.

    To combat this there is a simple utility that you just need to run once and this will change various settings in your Windows registry to remove acceleration completely. Everything you need can be found here

    One other thing that you need to do is to disable something that Microsoft calls 'Enhance Pointer Precision'. Open the Mouse icon in your Windows Control Panel, click the Pointer Options tab at the top and then uncheck that box

    This is the link to the blog mentioned in the video - it has far more in-depth information on this fix and how it can improve your mouse/keyboard gaming with the CronusMAX.

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    Re: Mouse Acceleration Fix

    Not exactly. It disables mouse acceleration with you also have been getting on PC with games that don't take raw mouse input.

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    Re: Mouse Acceleration Fix <---IMPORTANT!

    Thank you for sharing it - made big difference for me. It's now like 1:1 !

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    Re: Mouse Acceleration Fix <---IMPORTANT!

    Thank you, I tried it, very useful and works great

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