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Topic: MK X AFK XP farming script

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    MK X AFK XP farming script

    Wow, is that ever a lot of acronyms. OK, so first an introduction and then a translation....

    Howdy, I'm Buck. I'm new around here, but old hat at gaming and coding. I play tons of XBox 360 / XBox One and enjoy achievement hunting.

    I whipped up the following script to help myself earn the Achievements "Elder God" (Reach personal level 65 in XP) and "No Loyalty" (Reach level 50 in all factions). Basically, I set up a 2-player local match in Kustom Kombat with some specific modifiers to help end the match very quickly, then I automated that match so it played itself over and over while I slept or did other things. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SCRIPT REQUIRES 2 CONTROLLERS AND 2 CM DEVICES TO WORK COMPLETELY AUTOMATICALLY. If you only have one CM device you can still take advantage of a testing feature I left in: basically, click LS to win round 1 and click RS to win round 2.

    I'm releasing this script here instead of the GPC library because it has such a narrow purpose and may not work for everyone out of the box. For example, I tested this on XBox One, but do not have a PS4 so perhaps the timings are off. Also, there's the 2-controller / 2 CM requirement. Finally, setting up the Kustom Kombat game mode requires certain modifiers to be unlocked. By the time I wrote the script I had a number of these unlocked already, and I'm not really sure which ones I started with vs. which ones I unlocked via Living Towers. In any case, I found this tremendously useful for my own purposes--I was able to unlock both of those grindy achievements in just a couple days--so I thought I'd offer the code here for others to study, borrow & adapt. Instructions are in the code itself, in the comment block.


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    Re: MK X AFK XP farming script

    Hi Buck - thanks for your efforts and welcome to our community !!!

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    Re: MK X AFK XP farming script

    You're welcome, MaxADMIN. The CronusMax is a nifty little device. I'm only beginning to scratch the surface of what I can do with it.

    BTW, who is responsible for ongoing hardware development? I nearly maxed out the 4096 byte limit with my latest script (which I will be posting here shortly) and had to resort to more clever trickery to cut down my program size. My professional background includes compilers and pre-silicon design verification (including USB3), so I'm plenty curious about what's under the hood and whether certain improvements to the GPC language might be practical.

    Also wanted to say thanks to Excalibur for fixing the tags on my post. For some reason when I use the PHP "wipers" for proper syntax highlighting I lose all of the line breaks in my code. And since I've got some pretty lengthy code it was less work to use the generic wipers than to try to add in all the line breaks again. I'm using Chrome and copy-pasted straight from the GPC Compiler tab of Cronus Pro.

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