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Topic: Mortal Kombat 9 2-system King of the Kill farming

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    Mortal Kombat 9 2-system King of the Kill farming


    I'm back with a new script. I finished all of the achievements for Mortal Kombat X and decided to undertake MK 9 (a notoriously long beast of a game).

    I'm knocking out the online achievements first. Among those is earning 2500 respect points in King of the Hill matches. This can be done in private matches with a friend. I'm using two consoles, two copies of the game and two CronusMax devices.

    Setup is simple: go to online, create a private King of the Hill match and invite the second player. When the lobby is loaded and waiting for P1 to press start then the script is ready to launch.

    To activate the script, Player 1 (winning player) clicks the left stick to run the winning pattern and at the exact same time Player 2 clicks the right stick to activate the losing pattern. Both patterns run for the same amount of time, so keeping them in sync is important to enable matches to automatically replay.

    Briefly, the script starts by pressing START, then both players select the defaults (Scorpion for P1 and Sub-Zero for P2). Scorpion wins both matches with repeated spear + uppercut kombos, then finishes round 2 with a fatality. At the conclusion of the match P2 awards 10 respect points to P1 for the win. 250 matches will be required for the "Ultimate Respect!" achievement.

    For my fellow coders: this was a bit of a challenge to write for a couple reasons. First, the matches are pretty long and complex, so I quickly ran out space (i.e., exceeded the 4096 byte limit) when I tried to code separate winning and losing patterns. To get around that I had both patterns use the same GPC combos, but I used variables for key buttons and d-pad directions instead of calling set_val directly on those targets. For the losing pattern I set the variables to TRACE signals so that I could execute the same code as the winning pattern, including all the wait statements, without providing inputs to the game.

    Second, I had some real problems with the game itself accepting certain inputs. In particular, uppercuts were finicky and would not execute if there was any delay present between pressing DOWN and pressing the PUNCH button. Furthermore, every couple matches or so the game would randomly ignore certain moves--for example, one uppercut would be ignored, throwing the whole match pattern off. To work around that I used double-inputs for most of the moves and added extra spear+uppercut kombos at the end of rounds. These extra moves will be ignored during the animation for the first moves, if they are successful, but seem to be executing fine in the event that the first moves fail. I believe the ignored moves are likely due to lag / sync problems since these matches are being played online, but it's still disconcerting to see such problems when my two consoles are 6 feet apart. :-) In any case, I've gone from problems every 2-3 matches to running about 30-40 successful matches in a row. It's not robust enough to run all night, but I can get some laundry done or run errands while making a spot of progress.

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    Re: Mortal Kombat 9 2-system King of the Kill farming

    I don't know the reason but when you write PHP wipers with capital letters it doesn't work , must be : php ( lowercase ).

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    Re: Mortal Kombat 9 2-system King of the Kill farming

    The problem was I needed to paste my code as plain text. There's a button to assist with that. Whatever <CR>/<LF> character junk is present or missing in the buffer when I use CTRL-V doesn't play well with the PHP tag processing, regardless of whether the PHP tag is CAPS or lc. For whatever reason the CODE tag works fine. I suspect it's the reformatting code in the PHP tag processor (i.e., the interpreter that adds syntax coloring & otherwise modifies the content to look pretty) that has a hard time with whatever windows gives it at the end of line when I copy / paste. Anyway, I have a workaround now.

    Meanwhile, a quick update on this script: it may have been Netflix traffic killing my matches with random move drops. Now that my wife has gone to bed I've gone over 80 matches without a hiccup. I have another 60-70 to finish farming my reputation points. In the meantime I'm working on yet another script to help with character mastery requirements....

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