I got some good combos if anyone wants to put them in a script and post be very helpful thanks
ermac master of souls this is on xboxone
combo 1- y,y,y, back foward y, foward y,x,down y, back foward y, up y, foward a,b
combo 2- x,x,y, down back x, y,y,y, back foward y, back foward x, up y, x-ray so LT+RT
combo 3- x,x,y, down back x +rt, back foward y, y,y,y, down back b +rt, ends up in brutality
combo 4- y,y, back foward y, foward y,x, down y, y,x, back foward y, foward y,x, down y, grab or RB
I have ton of more combos so if you can put these in a script much thanks