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Topic: Xbox One Troubleshooting

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    Troubleshooting for Xbox One Consoles.

    If you have problems with your Xbox One (no authentication, no activity, disconnects) then follow this method - it works every time.

    1. Disconnect the Xbox One controller from the XB1/CM and remove the battery/charger pack. Do not replace the batteries - they will never be needed. If you replace them you will probably run into problems.

    2. Hard Reset your Xbox One - Ensure you have saved in game before proceeding!!:

    • With the Xbox One sitting at the Home screen, press and hold the reset button for 7 seconds until the console powers off.
    • Switch off the mains supply to the Xbox One
    • Wait 30 seconds
    • Switch back on a wait for the console to boot - Note : It should take a lot longer to boot than usual

    3. Plug CM into the XB1 - it will show AU on the LED (Assuming that Automatic or XB1 was set as the output protocol in Cronus Pro)

    4. Plug XB1 controller into the CM using the usb cable - again NO BATTERIES.

    Proceed as normal for authentication / crossover / mods / scripts / gamepacks etc

    Note: There are some users with certain Xbox One controllers who use a different method on an Xbox One. They do this if they are having trouble with the above method.

    1. Connect the Xbox One controller to the XB1/CM with the batteries connected.

    2. When AU starts flashing on the CM led (Assuming that Automatic or XB1 was set as the output protocol in Cronus Pro), remove the battery/charger pack from the Xbox One controller. Do not replace the batteries.

    4. The CM led should change to 0. Unplug the Xbox On controller. You can now plug in a Bluetooth adapter and pair up your PS3/PS4 controller wirelessly or connect a Microsoft wireless receiver and paid up an Xbox 360 wireless controller.

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    Re: Xbox One Troubleshooting

    I am very excited to say that my CM is back in business!!
    I was doing the battery removal method incorrectly. the only way it works is if you authenticate the controller with no battery in your wireless controller. Time to get back to MKX!!

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