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Topic: Detecting Wii extension controller

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    Detecting Wii extension controller

    I'm making a one-handed script for LBP, but I want to have a way to detect if the Wii remote connected has the Nunchuk or a Pro controller connected or if it is just itself and adjust button mappings accordingly.
    I see Device monitor hides the Nunchuk inputs once it is disconnected, but I'm not sure how to get the script to recognize that.

    Figured this out by rewriting the script to not need to check / not care about what exactly is plugged in the Wii Remote.

    However I figured out that I could test for the WII_ACCNZ value (Aka Nunchuk motion controls) at script start. If the value is different than 0 then the Nunchuk is connected. Unfortunately as far as I can tell the value stays where it last was if you unplug the Nunchuk, so this method doesn't really work if you are switching to just the Wii Remote in the middle of play. More testing needed....

    I also tried the WII_ACCNX value, but it actually is easy enough to legitly keep the value (along with NY) at 0 with a steady hand and holding the Nunchuk to where the stick is facing straight up. The Z value is more motion related and not position related, as far as I can tell.

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    Re: Detecting Wii extension controller

    There is no function for detecting controller extensions. Your best bet would to either create a toggle function in script to switch functions on/off or use a different script for each extension.

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