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Also I have no idea what you meant by "UPDATE: Apparently if the Cronusmax is in Tournament Mode it does not work .... WTF?"

I can assure you that if the Cronus didn't work in Tournament mode, I'd know about it from the Call of Duty World League - because practically every team uses Cronus, at every event including the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, in Tournament Edition Mode.
What I meant by this is that the Cronusmax with the Hub, DS4v2 and Xbox Elite Controller is NOT authenticating while in Tournament Mode, when switched to Standard Mode it all seems to work fine (other then noticable input lag) ... Just wondering why this particular setup isn't working in Tournament Mode ?

As for the other USB hub, you can remove that post as I have the same results with the Amazon Hub, it wasn't working because it was in Tournament Mode ...

I do apoligize for coming across frustrated, I am a software developer and followed the instructions without any second guess as to if I was doing it correctly. No where does it say that it does not work in Tournament Mode and thus assumed it should work ( and it should btw ) ... But refusing to give up I decided to put it in Standard Mode for sanity check it surprised to see it started working ... And that's what I was like ... " WTF ... Why would it not work in Tournament Mode ? And why is it not documented ? "