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Topic: Direct CronusMAX Plus API

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    Re: Direct CronusMAX Plus API

    Quote Originally Posted by Batts View Post
    All I know is that real life things outside of the forums and Cronus keep him very busy.
    Thanks for the feedback bud. @Swizzy; if you read this I wish you the best and hope you return soon.

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    Re: Direct CronusMAX Plus API

    Quote Originally Posted by xamcronus View Post
    Guys I have a question:
    The cronus pro xaim plugin has an option to activate / deactivate CM controller input.
    Is there a setting on the device itself or does the plugin author implemented it and just pass the inputs to the CM?
    I couldn't find a setting like that in the docs so I'm guessing it is implemented by the author - just to be sure I'm asking.

    I can share a wrapper to use this API in Python if anyone is interested

    @Swizzy; Your help is always welcome bud
    Correct, i implemented this in the X-Aim code... it has an interpreter that basically builds the output packet based on multiple inputs and script interactions...

    Like was mentioned by Batts i no longer have the time available to be an active member of the team. I have no idea when that will change, but will pop in whenever someone in the team asks for my assistance with something...

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    Re: Direct CronusMAX Plus API


    For anyone looking to make use of the CronusMAX PLUS API here is a basic example project I made to get you started for pressing a button.

    Cronus API Send Button Example Project Download

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