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Topic: G25 on PS4 latest firmware showing "P".

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    G25 on PS4 latest firmware showing "P".

    Hi folks,

    I have a CronusMax V1 with latest firmware, and even though this version isn't supposed to work with HUB I could play GTAV all night with the X360 controller on my PS4 using the HUB (at first was disconnecting a lot, but then got stable for all night).

    I can use G25 on the older firmware version of the racing wheel, but have disconnection issues...


    Latest Racing wheel Firmware version isn't working here. It flashes good to the Cronusmax, but then on the PS4 it shows AU, but, after connecting the hub with controller+G25, cronusmax only shows "P", the racing wheel does the calibration, but nothing works and CronusMax just show "P" for ever...

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    Re: G25 on PS4 latest firmware showing "P".

    No one has ever said that the V1 is not hub compatible. That's certainly not in the manual. The manual explains how to check if your device is hub compatible or not - any legacy device can be hub compatible with the PLUS firmware, just not all of them. It's actually all on the first page. You should go read all that first.

    P = programming mode. This is also explained in the manual. The firmware update hasn't programmed correctly and it's stuck so you should run a firmware recovery - that's in the manual too. obviousley make sure you are using a USB 2 port - check the troubleshooting page of the manual too.

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    Re: G25 on PS4 latest firmware showing "P".

    Thanks for the reply.

    Mine is actually non hub compatible... At least that's what CronusPro software reports, but it seems to work.

    About the wheel firmware, I will try last version again later and see if it gets stuck in programming mod again.

    I always use USB 2.0 port for Cronus since ever...


    Now it's working after re-flashing to the latest firmware, but, sadly I still get random disconnections.

    Also, is it really needed to unpair the DS4 from the PS4? (I don't have the unpair option on my PS4 and I'm using the old DS4, the new one is still in its bag and I dont want to use it, but I have set it to use USB cable and have removed the saving power feature and the controller is always off when using the wheel).

    Do you recommend me buying a new USB HUB???

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    Latest CronusPro software update doesnt flash Wheel mode 1.24


    I bought a new USB HUB, I have played for like 35 min Project Cars on the PS4 and not a single disconnection even though my Cronus V1 show no HUB support on Cronus Pro (it seems the new HUB works fine ).


    After updating Cronus Pro Beta to latest Cronus Pro (mandatory update) I made the update and now when I flash Wheel mode 1.24 it only downloads 1.8KB (see attached pic) and after flashing CM keeps on the same mode I had and doesnt change to wheel mode, but just shows "AU" connected to the PC via the programming USB port (and no matter where its connected it just instantly show "AU" 4 ever and does nothing).

    I can only use Wheel mode 1.23 which downloads 71,1KB (but before the update of Cronus Pro software, while using latest CronusPro Beta 12, I could flash to Wheel mode 1.24 fine).
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