So ive been using my xbox one slim controller with the fps dominator strike pack and cronusmax with updated firmware and via usb hub. I have absolutely no problems using my xbox one slim controller and playing on my xbox 360. Its been great actually using an X1 controller on the 360. Ive been with the company since cronusmax first came out and have five cronusmax sticks so I'm not new to the game. I know a lot of the ins and outs of using this software.

Now onto my question, recently I got a razer wildcat xbox one controller. Its awesome, and I say just about on par with the xbox elite controller. So I have done the normal connections, xbox 360 controller into the correct port on my usb hub, connect my xbox one into the correct usb hub, connect the cronusmax into the input connector on usb hub, then connect input of cronusmax port to console. Also cronusmax is configured the right way in the programming app and with the latest firmware and updates. So what gives, using the same method I can connect everything to my 360, ps4 controller, ps4 scuf controller, xbox 1 slim controller, xbox 1 elite controller, but not the razer controller.

Also the cronusmax is reading 0 in the display and it lights up the razer controller on indicator light but none of the buttons on the controller work.

Can anyone help? I hope I explained everything in detail enough.