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Topic: Mionix Castor - Battlefield 1

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    Mionix Castor - Battlefield 1

    These official mouse tuning guides will show you how to setup your Mice software settings, Cronus Pro X-AIM settings and In-game settings so that they work to perfection - as played by our own team of professionals.

    [SIZE=5]Mouse: Cronus PRO then upgrade your CronusMAX PLUS to the latest Firmware

    I highly recommend running the Cronus Scrubber first. This will erase any trace of a previous installation and start your Cronus install from a clean slate.


    With the latest X-AIM (v1.11+), you no longer have to disconnect the PS4 or XB1 controller (once it has authenticated) or have it connected to a USB hub before you start to tune your mouse settings. By default the values from the CM Input are now blocked. This is very important - it's so that no values are read from the controller and everything starts from zero. Before this new feature was introduced, many users were tuning their mouse with the controller still connected and wondering why their mouse was sluggish when turning one way and not the other, or only turned left and not right. This was because their analog stick was not sitting at zero and was affecting the mouse output.

    This feature cures that. You can also disable the feature so that the controller Input can be read (if you want to use mouse and controller at the same time). Naturally you should do this AFTER you have tuned your mouse.

    Simply untick these options in X-AIM:

    You first need to get your DPI, Polling Rate, and Mouse Button Layout setup correctly.

    Create a profile in the CASTOR Software to match the one shown below:

    1. Change all of the mouse buttons to match the Mouse Settings screen
    2. Assign your Polling Rate to 500
    3. Assign your DPI to 2000 in the Sensor Performance screen
    4. Assign your Pointer Speed to 5



    Create a new X-AIM layout and map your keys like so:
    You can of course choose any layout you like, however this is one I recommend for this game. If you have any issues setting up X-AIM, follow these instructions:

    EXTRA: Add this GPC script to the new X-AIM layout if you wish to have a toggle ADS, with the ability to adjust your ADS sensitivity:

    Configure your mouse settings in X-AIM (Layout options > Mouse Settings)
    Match the mouse settings in your layout to look EXACTLY like the image below:

    Remember to match your Mouse DPI to the default DPI you set in the CASTOR Software (in this case 2000). This is VERY important.


    Next, you will need to open the in-game options menu, and raise your sensitivity settings to the maximum.

    1. NEVER lower the in-game sensitivity when playing with a mouse. This will cause a delay with your mouse and give you a "lag" feeling.
    2. Keep your Button Layout set as the DEFAULT configuration.

    Next we need to go into the Advanced tab and match our in-game settings to THIS screenshot below - These settings are VERY important!

    Next, we need to scroll down to the bottom of the Advanced tab and set the Uniform Soldier Aiming to ON.
    Leave the coefficient at its default value (133).

    The final step is to set your Vehicle Sensitivities to your own personal preference. I personally recommend using the maximum value, but any value between 100% - 200% will work fine.

    If your mouse feels too fast or slow, you can adjust the overall sensitivity by using the Max Input Threshold setting in the Advanced tab.
    Any number HIGHER than 85 will lower your sensitivity. Any number LOWER than 85 will raise your sensitivity.

    Feel free to leave comments and feedback below. We'd also love to hear your suggestions if you made any adjustments to these settings.

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    Re: Mionix Castor - Battlefield 1

    Thanks for posting.

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    Re: Mionix Castor - Battlefield 1

    Thanks for posting.

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    Re: Mionix Castor - Battlefield 1

    some script for battlefield of no recoil for all the weapons for keyboard and mouse

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    Re: Mionix Castor - Battlefield 1

    This is an interesting mouse because of its appearance, but only in the case of bright colors - there are not so many yellow, pink, blue manipulators on the market. In gray and black, Castor becomes an ordinary mouse, of which there are many, but this does not make it worse. This mouse has almost no flaws: it is equipped with a sufficient number of button, a good sensor, its body is perfectly assembled and lies in the hand as it should.


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