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Topic: Devil Jin... No Puns...

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    Devil Jin... No Puns...

    Here is a Devil Jin its pretty good.. No I don't have movements as cool as they are I don't use them so I made this useful to me. I have the command grabs on r2 l2 and egwf on r1 use when you have the opening to use them (Obviously!).. Beam spam on the left stick right.. low starter low ender on ls left air beam on ls down.. rs are all combos.... l3 is a different grab
    Its still new but I was able to get it up to mentor just testing it in online matches so I assume its an ok script. If there is anything wrong with the script then let me know... If there is nothing broken with the script then great... If you need something changed in the script feel free to change it to your liking this works for me. I make them for me and I share them with you. If you take this and modify it to repost then please credit me the script in your re-post even if you use one or 2 combos as devil jin was the worst one so far to make... thank you

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    Re: Devil Jin... No Puns...

    I just tried it online really cool it is a very good script again once falconpunch323 you missed us

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