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Topic: Eliza (PC)

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    Eliza (PC)

    Ok, by request here's some decently strong stuff for Eliza. Similar to my Akuma script, right stick has the combos, left stick is justframe's 'easy movement' because it rocks.

    Eliza does not actually have the ability to FADC, some of her moves have a canned dp3+4 built in that grants the same EFFECT as an FADC (ie cancel into forward rundash) that also puts her in Moon Glide state. During this 'fake FADC' she is considered in Moon Glide and can use all the followups. The notation below will use 'FADC' simply because its easier, but remember the command is dp3+4... if any of you are interested in trying to do this shit manually.

    RS Up = df2,3.. b2,3.. b2,3.. 1.. iWR3,4 (S!)..f4.. 3,4 (11hits, 62 damage). This is a decently strong meterless combo from her fastest launcher. Can be used as her universal.

    RS Right = 1 stock required, ff4,2,qcf2~FADC.. 3,4 (S!).. f4.. 1,2,1+2 (8hits, 60 damage). Combo beginning from a running knee. Use carefully. Do ff+4 on its own to learn the knee's range first!

    RS Down = 1 stock required, ws3, b2,3..b3,qcf2~FADC.. 3,4 (S!).. f4.. 1,2,1+2 (10hits, 65 damage). Very solid damage from her flipkick. Has similar advantages to Law's flipkick.

    RS Left = 2 stock required, b3, dp1.. 4 (S!) iWR3.. d3, qcf2~FADC.. 1.. b3, qcf2~FADC.. 4 (10hit, 77 damage). This combo can be linked with a jumping DEEP 3 or 4 and its HIGHLY recommended you try to jump in with a 3 or 4 before doing this. Adding the jumping 3 or 4 in front will increase the damage to 92 (!!). Otherwise use this combo very sparingly, Eliza's b3 is NOT fast nor is it safe. This combo was intended to be started via a jumping attack first, but as you and I know trying to script in a jumping anything is just asking to get #rekt. So you have to learn to do the jump in attack manually.

    RS (R3) Press = d3 into dp1... Ok, this move DOES NOT TRUE COMBO and the dp1 can be blocked. But I put it here because for the most part it WON'T be blocked. Its the 2d fighter low attack factor at work again. Tekken players are simply not used to this sort of 2-in-1 cancelling that you get in 2d fighters. The dp1 works as a nice launcher and you can do anything you want. 1,2,4 (S!) into f4.. 1,2,1+2 is a good solid ender if you land this. Additionally, this is a LOW into a MID. For this to be cleanly blocked you have to effectively have no lag or know its coming. That's not going to happen online.

    Before anyone asks for infinite divekick shenanigans... No. Why? Because **************** that shit. Learn to play SOMEWHAT properly at least FFS! You're already cheating by using a script at least try to have a TINY bit of common decency not to abuse a broken move! If anyone wants divekick stuff, someone else can script it. I refuse to add to an already stupid problem.

    As always, all combos performed manually on the PC VERSION and recorded with max combo then excess inputs cleaned up. I have tried to loosen the timings as much as possible so it should universally work. If it doesn't, just tweak the timings a bit. Remember the PS4 ver has 8 frames of input lag.

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    Re: Eliza (PC)

    Thanks again for your hard work! These work well as I've just tested them!

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    Re: Eliza (PC)

    Once again knocking out the park guys great work!

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