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    Hwoarang (PC)

    As requested by falconpunch, here's some decent stuff for Hwoarang (who really isn't as complex as the movelist makes him look, honestly :P). Does anyone actually bother reading what I write here or does everyone just skip straight to the script? :P...

    RS Up = df2, ff4(RFF)..3,4(RFS).. b4 (S!).. fff,uf3,4,3 (8hit, 62 damage). Standard bread and butter from an uppercut launch. You'll probably be using this a lot as its one of his most basic B&B's.

    RS Right = JFSR.. f4(RFF),b3(LFF)..ff4(RFF)..3,4(RFS).. b4 (S!)... fff, df3+4 (9hit, 75 damage). One of his more powerful combos from a JFSR ending in that overhead soccer kick which switches sides. Be careful that you WILL switch sides if you use this combo.

    RS Down = u3+4, db4~f(RFF)..2,b4 (S!)... fff,uf3,4,3 (7hit, 56 damage). Overhead starter, will catch anyone ducking and can be done left or right foot forward. Has a fast start and tends to catch ppl unaware.

    RS Left = b3, ff4(RFF)..3,4(RFS).. b4 (S!).. fff,uf3,4,3 (8hit, 73 damage). Version of his standard bread and butter starting from a b3 instead of df2. You'll probably use this a lot as his b3 is one of his best launchers.

    RS Press = d2,2(!).. 3,3,4,4(RFF).. b4 (S!).. fff,uf3,4,3 (9hit 73 damage). A low mix up starting with a d2,2. THE d2,2 DOES NOT TRUE COMBO unless its a Counter Hit! I put this here primarily because d2,2 is one of Hwoarang's main low poke mixups that can lead to a strong combo IF IT LANDS AS A COUNTER HIT. If you want to use this combo, you should be aiming to counter hit with it for the 2nd kick to land. If the 2nd kick is blocked, STOP. If the first low kick lands as a counter hit, it is a true combo and you can safely continue. You have been warned, do not spam this, its here for mixup options.

    LS Press = One button JFSR, for anyone who wants it for whatever reason (you really can just hold RS Right for the JFSR and let go...)

    Left stick are the usual standard movement options, of course.

    As usual, this script was made on the PC VERSION and will probably drop links on PS4. I cannot fix this as I do not own the PS4 version.

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