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Topic: KUMA/PANDA! 5 juggles + movement

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    KUMA/PANDA! 5 juggles + movement

    I've been wanting to do the bears for a while, and somebody asked me if I would recently, so here it is.

    This time I'm going to do an experiment. For now I'm only going to post the script with the L3-R3 side switch to see if anybody actually uses the left-right d-pad versions (and doesn't know how to change it by themselves). If you want the left-right d-pad version reply here and I will go ahead and post it.

    That having been said there will still be two versions, one for console and one for PC, because the timing for some of the combos on each platform is a tiny bit different. Not enough to make it unusable if you get the wrong version, but the combos will fail sometimes.

    For Console:

    For PC:

    Right stick right: d/f+2,1 Kuma Musou starter. 15-frame startup, 65 damage, hits mid.
    Right stick up: u/f+3 hopkick starter. 16-frame startup, 56 damage, hits mid, crushes lows.
    Right stick left: f,f+2 Demon Uppercut starter. 19-frame startup, 75 damage, hits mid. Note that this combo does not work with Panda, so if you are using her use the universal after f,f+2 instead.
    Right stick down: d/b+4 Spinning Kuma "hellsweep" starter. 28-frame startup, 63 damage, hits low.

    Hold R1: A universal combo for Kuma/Panda. Works after:
    Hunting stance abbreviated as HBS, forward roll as ROLL, sitting as SIT.

    d/b+4(after crouch cancel)
    [2,1] 2 (after crouch cancel)
    HBS d/f+2
    ROLL 2
    SIT 2
    CH 4 (partially works on CH 4, after the second b+2,1 do 1+2 for 53 dmg)
    CH f+1,1,1
    Low Parries
    Hold R2: Kuma/Panda's Rock'n'Roll Circus command Throw. A high 11-frame throw that does 50 damage.

    Left stick forward: iWR
    Left stick back: Korean Backdash
    Left stick up: Rapid sidestep to background
    Left stick down: Rapid sidestep to foreground


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    Re: KUMA/PANDA! 5 juggles + movement

    What we have here... is a... *drumroll*... beary good script

    ...I'll see myself out...

    PS: @justframe, try your script and do Kuma vs Kuma or Kuma vs Panda or Panda vs..... PUT A BEAR VS A BEAR! You'll find 2 of the combos don't work then.

    The bears have the most messed up hitboxes.

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    Re: KUMA/PANDA! 5 juggles + movement


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