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Topic: Clubsport v2 pedals

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    Clubsport v2 pedals


    I'm wondering if anyone has been able to get Clubsport v2 pedals to work with the csw 2.5 wheel base for the ps4

    I'm struggling to get the pedals reconized by the system.

    I have confirmed that my DS4 controller has been off when attempting to get the wheel and pedals connected. Any help will be appreciated

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    Re: Clubsport v2 pedals

    These pedals have been confirmed as working by other users. Can you describe how you are setting everything up in step by step detail please - thanks.

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    Re: Clubsport v2 pedals

    I have the Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Wheel EU paired with the ClubSport Pedals V2 EU. Following the video to connect them to the PS4 using my new DriveHub the wheel works fine in Project Cars 2 and GT Sport but I cannot get the pedals to work at all. Usually I have the pedals connected to the base with the PS2 cable and this works fine on the PC with several driving sims/games. They also work connected to a PS3.

    As suggested in one thread I tried connecting the pedals directly to the DriveHub Accessory port using a USB cable.

    I have updated the DriveHub to the latest firmware v2.0.2
    I have updated to the latest Fanatec firmware v756

    But cannot get the pedals to work.

    Any suggestions for what else to try, would be gratefully received.


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    Re: Clubsport v2 pedals

    So the key for me was to have the DriveHub all connected up to wheel, pedals and controller with the PS4 off. Then turned PS4 on using its button and everything found and working in Project Cars 2 and GT Sport. Haven’t tried with F1 2017 yet but hopeful it will work there too.

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