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Topic: [Release] Raiden 5 combos (WIP)

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    [Release] Raiden 5 combos (WIP)


    Since nobody might be doing combos these days I thought I'd try learn how to do it and give it a go! If you have better combos to share then please do!
    The below combos have been tested on Superman in practice mode (competitive), if there are problems against other characters please report in the comments!

    1): RIGHT STICK - Right: Mid 6 frame start, 1 meter and 408.48 damage. (Likely brings to corner, thankfully I made a corner combo!)
    2): RIGHT STICK - Left: Meter burned Back 2 start, 430.61 damage. (Good for that armour to counter rushing enemy)
    3): RIGHT STICK - Up: Meterless overhead combo, 259.63 damage. Works both mid screen and in the corner.
    4): RIGHT STICK - Down: Down 1 starter combo, 350.18 damage. Never tested on block (no friends ;( ) and someone might show a better substitute?
    5): LEFT STICK - Down: Corner combo starter with Forward 3 meterburned to counter wakeups, 397.71 damage, made this myself, think it was the highest damage for 1 meter?

    Unfortunately no spams yet, I've tried but for some reason just won't work, if anyone can help I'd appreciate it!

    If you find a flaw or better damage alternative please let me know!

    Hope you like it!

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    Re: [Release] Raiden 5 combos (WIP)

    Thanks im gonna test this out

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    Re: [Release] Raiden 5 combos (WIP)

    Thank you very much for sharing with us! It is pretty good, actually. About the spamming, I suggest you send a message to excalibur, he might be able to help with that.

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    Re: [Release] Raiden 5 combos (WIP)

    I have been collecting the best stuff available for Raiden just because i like him a lot.
    Some of them are of high level difficulty. Anyway, I am just sharing with you in case you wanna script something or just watch for entertainment purposes.
    PS: I make some notes to myself, so don t mind about it. COMBOS
    1) (00:21 to 00:38 corner combo + cross up combo - 2BAR + TRAIT BEFORE) -
    2) FAST setup combo - 2BAR + TRAIT BEFORE
    3) (1:02) midscreen full screen teleport SLOW setup combo - 2BAR + TRAIT BEFORE combo + lightning bolt setup combo 00:41 until 00:55)

    (1:50 to 2:04 - corner + cross up)
    (00:38 - 1 METER MIDSCREEN combo, taking opponent to the corner)

    (00:15 to 00:30 - midscreen + setup combo)
    (1:29 corner crossup set up - extend it with a meter less combo after crossup)

    (00:14 - midscreen 1Meter combo)

    (00:24 midscreen crosscup combo - 1Meter)
    (00:40 midscreen setup+teleport - 1Meter)
    (1:36 to 1:50 corner combo + cross up combo)

    (00:37) corner combo launching with armor F3 (activate trait before - pls script it as well, cause he will be armored right away) - 500 damage meterless!!!
    (00:47 to 00:51 only - B3 midscreen combo + trait activated in between) - COULD BE ARMORED (MB) in THE BEGINNING

    Mix-ups raptor concepts

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    Re: [Release] Raiden 5 combos (WIP)

    You know most of these require abilities?

    #EDIT: Oh wait you can hold the lightning ball to make it slower?

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    Re: [Release] Raiden 5 combos (WIP)

    Yes I think you can. Yes some videos show combos using trait/ability, others are just traitless (even meterless sometimes).

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    Re: [Release] Raiden 5 combos (WIP)

    Awesome script anyway to set his teleport as L3 otherwise an awesome script man thanks for all your hard work.

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