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Topic: Weak Force Feedbak (FF) on PS4 Pro using G25

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    Weak Force Feedbak (FF) on PS4 Pro using G25

    Hi team,

    Thank you for an amazing set of instructions - just purchased and set it up within a few minutes

    However, when using my g25 in GT sport, there is no force feedback when hit an object such a wall or another car. There is FF in terms of road resistance, but zero from hitting an object. This was never an issue in any game on the ps3

    Is there a setting I need to adjust?

    I have already adjusted in the game settings to turn off all assists, and bump the sensitivty and FF resistance to 10

    EDIT: it seems like the Force feedback is fine, theres just no 'rumble' signal coming through . Hitting a wall will normally trigger a rumble in DS controller. How do i turn that signal back on?

    Thanks team

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    Re: Weak Force Feedbak (FF) on PS4 Pro using G25

    I don't have experience with the CM and GT Sport specifically, but have played driveclub and other titles but never thought I was missing effects. Could it be that GT Sport has those effects for the DS4 but not for wheel support? Remember, the PS4 behaves as if you are using a wheel so there may not be complete parity between gamepad and wheels with this game.

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