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Topic: Help with script PLS

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    Help with script PLS

    I was wondering if someone can have L1 be held only until I move the Left stick using this combo. (More info info under script)

    You can take out the wait time numbers (maybe in the beginning I don't want L1 to be held at the same time as X, Directly after) and have L1 to be held 1-10 ms directly After I press X and doesnt let go (end combo) until I move the Left Analog stick in any direction. Also If I either press L1 again or R1. So only have L1 let go (end combo) If I press L1 again, R1, or move the left analog stick thanks

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    Re: Help with script PLS

    sorry for the miss understanding but I need the script to make it hold L1 10 ms after I press X not a quick press and let go 1-10 ms after if i press any other button or move the left stick.

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