Hello~! I would like to ask a question about Fanate CSW 2.0 and HB.
My current setups are below.

1. Wheel base: Fanatec CSW 2.0 (driver version - 64bit v292)
2. Steering wheel: ClubSport Steering Wheel BMW GT2
3. Game / Console: GT sport / PS4

Unlike other PC games (Dirt rally, Assetto corsa, Project cars2), the CSW 2.0 motor's force is applied to the RIM as soon as the GT sport starts.

What I want to know is it is normal to operate like this? (I guess that this happens because the HB is currently emulating the G29.)

I wonder if this behavior will affect the failure or durability of CSW 2.0 in the future.

In fact, the CSW's cooling fans, which have been running occasionally in above PC games, operate continuously in the GT sport.