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Topic: 8bitdo N30 (NES30) Arcade Stick Working on PS4 Pro

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    8bitdo N30 (NES30) Arcade Stick Working on PS4 Pro

    Just confirming that the 8bitdo N30 (previously the NES30) arcade stick for switch & windows is working on PS4 with the CronusMAX Plus adaptor.

    Pretty simple instructions:

    Attachment 5116

    Plug CronusMax Plus into PC to adjust a few options (using cable supplied into programming port on adaptor)

    Attachment 5117

    Open Cronus Pro software

    Attachment 5118

    Select tools then options

    Attachment 5119

    Go to device

    Attachment 5120

    Change output protocol to PS4

    Attachment 5121

    Check first 3 speed up settings box

    Attachment 5122

    Now close the box and the software and unplug the device

    Now at the PS4 have a 4 port USB hub (2.0 is recommended) with the 8bitdo Arcade stick plug into port 1 (use usbview software to determine which port 1 - 4 actually is on the hub) and have the DS4 controller plugged into port 4. These next steps are necessary as we need to authenticate so the controller does not disconnect every 8-10 mins. DO NOT PLUG CRONUSMAX OR USB HUB IN TO PS4 NOW. WE WILL GET TO THAT IN A BIT.

    Attachment 5123 Attachment 5124

    Next using the DS4 controller that is still connected by Bluetooth to the PS4 go to settings on the PS4 scroll down to Devices. Go to controllers. Go to communication method. Select use USB cable.

    Attachment 5125 Attachment 5126 Attachment 5127 Attachment 5128

    Now Back out off that menu and go back to Devices menu and select Bluetooth. Select the DS4 controller and disconnect it.

    Attachment 5129 Attachment 5130Attachment 5131

    Now plug the Cronusmax plus adaptor in the front USB port on the PS4. It will start flashing A & U wanting to authenticate a DS4 controller.

    Attachment 5132

    Now you can plug in the usb hub into the CronusMax Plus. The DS4 controller should still be off and Bluetooth should be disconnected. The DS4 controller will flash orange for a split second like when charging. The 8bitdo Arcade stick will start flashing 2 times and continue till disconnected. After a brief bit the CronusMax should stop flashing A & U and go to profile 0. This means its authenticated

    Attachment 5133

    The 8bitdo Arcade stick is now ready to use. Make sure the Arcade stick is on Xinput and X/Y on the switches on top off the controller.

    Happy Gaming

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    Re: 8bitdo N30 (NES30) Arcade Stick Working on PS4 Pro

    Have you tried this with the sfc pro?

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