Designed for Ps4 but work for others, I guess
Credits to the TWO Lovely Moderators Excalibur and Walter

0- To reset EVERYTHING ( L2 + DOWN )

1- Tfue Classic (L2 + LEFT)
- Shoot then Instant Wall ( Default )
- Shoot then Instant Floor (Press Right AFTER activating the mod)

2- PUMP SMG ( L2 + RIGHT )
- PUMP SMG Normal (Default)
- PUMP SMG WALL V2 (Press Right AFTER activating the mod)
- PUMP SMG JUMP (Press Left AFTER activating the mod)

3- Real Builder
- Disable MODS while in building MOD

4- Restore Active MOD
- To restore the previous Active MOD, Double Click the JUMP BUTTON

- To Enable the Swap controls, CHANGE (XR3_SWAP) AND (OL3_SWAP) To TRUE

Please Give New IDEAS and Feedback or Suggestions

To access the Script, Follow the link below