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Topic: horizon games glitchy wheel feel

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    horizon games glitchy wheel feel

    hey i own a drive hub and occasionally like to play Forza horizon 3 but for some reason my wheel always just feels super glitchy and shaky, its sorta the same in horizon 2 but not as intense, at first i thought it was normal but watching others play on other wheels assured me not, I was wondering if anyone else is having my problem and if it can ever be fixed?

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    Re: horizon games glitchy wheel feel

    You need to provide more information.

    I assumed its an XBox One because it's Forza, but what wheel are you using? Your DriveHub Settings & Firmware version? Your In game Settings? Any other accessories connected? What are the steps that we need to do to replicate this?


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    Re: horizon games glitchy wheel feel

    It looks like that the problem is with your settings. It can, of course, depend on the wheel (as I do not know what wheel you use), but it`s more like this.

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