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    Question USB Extension Cable

    Hi all,

    I just received my DriveHub yesterday.
    I have a Logitech G29 wheel (with shifter and pedals) which I usually use with my PS4 Slim.
    The goal was to be able to use the wheel on my Xbox One X to play the Forza Games.

    Everything works perfectly when I plug the DriveHub directly into my Xbox One X (using the included cable). But since I like to use my wheel with my projector - I need much more distance between the wheel and the console. For the PS4, I've been using the following 10m USB Extension cable ( and that has worked flawlessly.

    However, when I use this same extension cable with the DriveHub - the wheel just continuously becomes
    unresponsive after a couple minutes. I'm guessing that the extension cable isn't able to deal with the bandwidth/power required by the DriveHub.

    Do you guys have any advice on what kind of extension cable would work? Has anyone else successfully done this?


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    Re: USB Extension Cable

    So I think I've manages to resolve this.

    I ended up getting one of these cables (by the same manufacturer):
    I figured that even though the wheel doesn't need USB3 bandwidth - having the headroom would be helpful. And if power was the issue - this cable allows you to inject additional power via a MicroUSB cable.

    I tested it and it worked right away, even without the additional power. So I guess it must have been a bandwidth issue after all.

    I hope this info is useful for someone else who may run into the same issue.

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    Re: USB Extension Cable

    that second cable probably has a USB Hub in it, probably setup specifically to clean up the noise on a 10m cable.. I 'm pretty sure the USB spec limits the cable length to 5m, so all bets are off at 10m.

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    Re: USB Extension Cable

    That makes sense. The cable does have an extra 'block' around halfway between the two ends.

    So how do I mark this as resolved?

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