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Topic: Beat you to it LOL were done now. ALL my IJ2 Scripts for all 20 combos +

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    Beat you to it LOL were done now. ALL my IJ2 Scripts for all 20 combos +

    Since I recieved such a nice email I figured I would just go ahead and upload EVERY SINGLE INJUSTICE 2 Script I have ever made. started to make or modify. After this I am done for a while until mk 11 comes and then I am sure there will be wayyy better scripts out there from the talented scripters that are on here for fighting games you guys have handled the torch so well since me, koara, python, doyle,swa and all others I have missed havekind of stopped scripting. I will be uploading all the mkx and sf5 scripts as well.. I do this because well at least 1 person knows why lol but I beat you to it and TBH you cant threaten me with something I don't do anymore after I looked out for you all this time lol. well all enjoy this is the full cast of characters in the game and they are all 20+ scripts taken from tourneys from the best players all tested ( at least at the time) all deadly.. ENJOY this is literally everything I have ever started, finished and or modified for Every character in game... I will be doing the other games as well then im out

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