PS4, fully up-to-date, with WRC7
G27 with CM+ v1.24 and Amazon Basics USB Hub (G27 in Port 1, DS4 in Port 4)

I have my G27 working flawlessly with Assetto Corsa, but I am unable to get past the welcome screen in WRC7. It asks me to press the 'Options' button, which I understand is mapped to the 3rd red button on the G27, but it does not register. I have no problem using this button in the PS4 menu screens or in Assetto Corsa, so it appears to be an issue unique to WRC7.

If I press the PS button on the DS4, I can then get past the welcome screen by pressing the 'Options' button on the DS4. If I leave the DS4 connected via Bluetooth, the steering wheel stops responding after a short amount of time. If I disconnect the DS4 via the system menu, WRC7 tells me that the controller has been disconnected and that I must reconnect it.

I searched, and the only advice I found was to use a second DS4 to get past this screen. Unfortunately, I do not have a second controller, and would like to find a solution other than buying another controller. Thanks!