1. CronusMAX Plus
2. Latest Firmware 1.24
3. Standard Wireless Xbox One and Wireless DS4 (on PS4)
4. Standard white PS4 500gb
5. Wired connection
6. Official CronusMAX usb hub
7. Screenshot http://prntscr.com/mok01u
8. http://prntscr.com/mok0m4
9. I'm using a usb cord that does transmit data, because it works with other devices on my PC, and it used to work with the CronusMAX also. Tried other cables just to be sure.

I haven't used the CM+ in a while, and when I plugged it into my PC, it had lost the profiles in the memory slots. I updated everything and saved profiles again, but no change. Have tried all troubleshooting, both slot 3 and 4 with the DS4. Could it be the hub that is defective? Or is it the CM+?

When I try using the Device Monitor, I get no response. It doesn't detect any controller or button inputs regardless of the cord or controller used. One thing that does happen, is when I open the Device Monitor first and then plug in a controller, it closes the Device Monitor window as my PC detects something new has been plugged in.

Any ideas? What is the manufacturer's warranty? I need this for ergonomics reasons, otherwise, I would just go without. Thanks!