If you've managed to find a set of wheel settings that you're comfortable with and that works well, I'm sure there are many in the community here who would appreciate you sharing them

Feel free to use the below template when sharing your settings.

General Info:
- Wheel:
- Platform:

- Steering Deadzone:
- Steering Linearity:
- Steering Saturation:
- Throttle Deadzone:
- Throttle Linearity:
- Throttle Saturation:
- Brake Deadzone:
- Brake Linearity:
- Brake Saturation:

Vibration & Feedback:
- Vibration & Feedback Strength:
- On Track Effects:
- Rumblestrip Effects:
- Off Track Effects:
- Wheel Weight:
- Understeer Enhance:

Other settings (if applicable):
(Such as wheel-specific settings located in the wheel's software or within the wheel itself)