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Topic: PS4 Dirt Rally + ClubSport USB SQ shifter / Porsche GT2

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    PS4 Dirt Rally + ClubSport USB SQ shifter / Porsche GT2

    Hi guys,

    I currently use a PS4 with a Fanatec Porsche GT2 wheel, ClubSport Pedals V2 and ClubSport Shifter SQ 1.5 connected to the a DriveHub by a Fanatec ClubSport USB adaptor. My main games are Assetto Corsa and F1 2017 (both work faultlessly), and I run my wheel in ‘Fanatec’ mode to emulate a CSL Elite. I am having difficulty with Dirt Rally, however.

    Now, I know this game should be compatible with my wheel natively without the need for the DriveHub (or were these older games updated to remove legacy wheel support without my realising?), but I’d prefer to not have to change the way I have it all plumbed in now. Plus I figure that, as I found with Assetto Corsa, the shifter only works properly switching between SEQ and H-pattern if I use the USB adaptor. Maybe DR doesn’t officially support the CSL Elite so I’m causing it all sorts of confusion by presenting a compatible wheel masquerading as an incompatible one?

    My issue is that Dirt Rally doesn’t seem to recognise the clutch pedal at all. Also it doesn’t seem to want to let me assign the handbrake to the right paddle as I’d like (or it will, but this maps to the ‘gear up’ of my shifter as well, which I obviously don’t want). So basically it’s seeing the shifter as R1, rather than as a separate device as Assetto Corsa does. Also, switching between H-pattern and SEQ doesn’t seem to work properly, and I’m getting no clutch at all (though I think I did used to before I had the DH – I haven’t played it much this year).

    Basically I just want to be able to a) switch between H-pattern and sequential like I can in AC by car (or is DR not as clever?) and b) to map handbrake to the paddle without affecting the shifter. Am I going to need Dirt Rally 2.0 for that (which I'd love but don't especially want to upgrade right now), or am I either missing something or trying to do something that can’t be done on console at all?

    Thanks in advance for any support.


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    Re: PS4 Dirt Rally + ClubSport USB SQ shifter / Porsche GT2

    Hi all,

    As I’ve not managed to
    glean an answer on this from either the forum or from CM, and still not managed to make it work, I guess I’ll need to invest in the new game.

    Can anyone confirm if DR2.0 works seamlessly on a PS4 with a Porsche wheel both in F mode (emulating a CSL) and with the CSS SQ flipping correctly between sequential, paddle & H-pattern by car & at will via the USB adaptor, as easily as Assetto Corsa?



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