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a question with this that really means

PS4_RX (right stick button?))> (Higher value?) 80 (refers to the angle?)
Remember left and right sticks are ANALOG, so rather than having an 'on' and 'off' state they have an activation value from -100 to +100. 0 is when the stick is untouched. Then there is X axis (horizontal, so left and right) and Y axis (up/down). PS4_RX means the horizontal left/right axis.

Holding the stick to the RIGHT uses value from 0 (off) to 100, holding stick to the LEFT uses 0 to -100. So to tell the cronus that you want a combo to activate when holding right stick RIGHT for example, you would say something like get_val(PS4_RS) >= 80 meaning 'activate combo when the stick is held this much to the right. Using a value of 50 means 'activate when the stick is held halfway. 100 means you must hold the stick completely all the way right for the combo to activate.