Few days ago, i bought the Dirt Rally 2.0.
The first two days, i was playing 'Rally Career' and things are normal.
Then, i started playing 'Time Trial', where i restarts the race frequently.

Then the wheel just loses the response without any warning. ( about 1hour after start)

The red LED next to the 'Mode' button is off but the LED on the Drive hub looks normal.

After re-pluging the usb connector of the wheel, all the things come back to normal.

I have checked all the cable and they look fine.
I also update the firmware. Drivehub: 2.0.3 stable T300rs: v29

The last time when i come into this issues:
I just finish one shakedown and open the leaderboard.
leaving for a while (seconds)...
Then after back, i realize the LED light is off again.
since the track is snowy, i played gently and softly i
n the last shakedown.
Also, the 'forced cool-down' mode is ON for the t300RS.
So overheating can not be possible.
After repluging the wheel's usb cable, it gets fixed.

Then i do a small test.
I purposely unplug the wheel's power cable from the wall.
Of course, the red LED light on the wheel is off.
And also, the LED display on the Drive Hub comes back to '8 circle' animation instead of the static '0' . (T300)

Then I play Asseto Corsa for about one hour (drifting and time-attacking). Things are normal.
FFB strength: 35%

My Question:

In conclusion, Drivehub firmware Bug Or my wheel is broke?

I found a similar FAQ. In fact, i always use the button on the controller to boot up the console.
Can this be the root cause? Any Original Post?