new drive hub, flashed to 2.0.3. tried out on gt sport and the steering is very heavy. lowest torque and ffb of 1.

i tried 2.0.2 instead and found it much lighter but something just felt a bit off with it but can't put my finger on it, felt a bit chuggy rather than a rumble almost (wish i could describe that better!). also the button mapping between 2.0.2 & 2.0.3 is completely different.

what could be causing the massive difference between the two firmwares and which one is the 'right' one?

also am i meant to select a wheel type in gt sport? what is the closest ps4 wheel to a tx (leather edition 28gt rim) it comes up on the drivehub as a 458 italia. i couldn't find anywhere to do this in game.

thank you!